Bang XL, XXL & DUO Disposable Vape (Choose Flavor)

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BANG XL & XXL Disposable Vape ReviewQuickly gaining the spotlight for its thrilling name, sleek appearance, powerful performance, and satisfying taste..

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BANG XL & XXL Disposable Vape Review

Quickly gaining the spotlight for its thrilling name, sleek appearance, powerful performance, and satisfying tastes, the Bang Disposable Vape has become what seems like an overnight sensation. These are compact, disposable vaping devices that were made for smoker’s by smoker’s, and you can feel and taste it in every last draw. The specially formulated flavors offer an outstanding flavor that is sure to dance on your tongue and leave your mouth watering for more to come. If you enjoy the satisfaction of disposable devices, where there isn’t any mess, spills, or hassle some learning curve, then you’ll fall in love with the new Bang Disposable Vape, Bang XL and Bang XXL .

Each Bang Disposable Vape Bar contains 1.3ml of 50mg (5%) nicotine salt e-liquid, BANG XL features 600 puffs and a sleek circular design. Bang Disposables are pre-filled with your choice of flavor, and doesn’t require filling, charging, or any maintenance whatsoever. Enjoy it now and give your vaping experience the BANG it deserves!

BANG, BANG XL, and BANG XXL Disposable Vape Flavors

Apple Ice

Apple Ice by Bang is an outstanding disposable vape bar that is loaded with a delicious flavor you’ll come to favor. Each draw allows you to savor a crisp, sour green apple hit that is immediately followed up by a smooth and chilling ice undertone.

Banana Ice

Banana Ice by Bang is another fascinating disposable vape bar that is sure to please your taste buds with loads of flavor. It consists of a ripe banana flavor that delivers smooth draws, while an ice undertone lingers in its path to ensure your mouth is wide awake to undergo the whole bang experience.

Blueberry Ice

Blueberry Ice by Bang delivers a satisfying universal taste that no one can deny. It offers up a shot of menthol to kick start the experience, while the deliciously smooth blueberry flavor tags along for a tropical summertime vape you won’t want to forget.

Blu Raz Ice

Blue Raspberry Ice by Bang boasts massive amounts of blue raspberry flavor, fulfilling your tastes and setting you up for a thrilling ride with an ice undertone that is utterly soothing. Each draw from this Bang disposable bar creates a satisfying taste and feel that you will want to relive over and over.

Cool Mint

Cool Mint by Bang is sure to satisfy your taste cravings with ease. This specially formulated flavor is backed with a blast of cool and sweet mint flavor, then bombarded by a soothing ice undertone. It tastes cool, refreshing, and is the perfect flavor combination to become your all-day-vape.

Cherry Lemonade

Cherry Lemonade by Bang is a whole experience in itself. Try to imagine a deliciously mixed cherry flavor that is crisp and hits the right spot, mixed with a lemonade undertone that is seriously tangy. Each draw is unique, delicious, and offers that unimaginable taste that you so desperately seek.

Grape Ice

Grape Ice by Bang is a solid flavor that is hard to recreate. Bang managed to formulate one of the best grape flavors, and it all starts with a ripe grape flavor that is super sweet, combined with a soothing ice undertone that is sure to awaken your tastes. Each puff blasts into your mouth and screams deliciousness.

Grape Soda

Grape Soda by Bang is a disposable vape bar filled with yet another flavor that is hard to recreate. It screams loads of flavor in every draw, and you’ll come to appreciate the flavor ratio it offers. It tastes just like a classic grape soda flavor, one that is even chilled with an ice undertone.

Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear by Bang is a taste that no one can deny. It’s a flavor that you’ve come to love over the years, starting from your childhood, and you’ll still enjoy the sweet, bright taste even throughout your adulthood. Imagine each draw tasting like loads of gummy bears. It’s a sweet lover’s dream of candy vapor.

Lemon Ice

Lemon Ice by Bang offers a satisfying lemony taste in every draw you take. It starts with subtle notes of delicious lemon, then finished off with an icy cool vapor undertone. If you enjoy the taste of lemon and don’t mind a shot of cool and refreshing menthol, Lemon Ice is one we’re sure you’ll come to love.

Mango Ice

Bang Mango Ice is a disposable vape bar that is filled with wondrous mango flavor you can’t get enough of. Mango is a unique flavor, and this bar is filled with just the right amount, allowing you to taste the ripeness and sweetness with every draw. It’s finished with a smooth, ice undertone that seems to hit the right spot every time.

Melon Ice

Melon Ice by Bang is a disposable bar bolstering deliciously crafted flavor that delivers the ultimate vape experience. It consists of a honeydew melon flavor that is sweet and ripe with every draw you take. To complete the experience, an ice undertone that is smooth and chilling is added, giving you a refreshingly delicious vape.

Orange Soda

Orange Soda by Bang takes you back with a disposable bar that recreates the classic orange soda flavor in every draw. To deliver a complete experience of classic orange soda, you’ll also notice the cooling taste and feel from the icy undertone it delivers as well. From the first to last draw, you’ll be thoroughly impressed.

Peach Ice

Bang Peach Ice is a delightfully sweet vape filled to the rim in a disposable bar. You immediately inhale ripe peach flavor that is backed by a hint of icy menthol that is sure to take care of your fruit cravings. The combination acts as the perfect pairing of fruit and menthol, and you won’t want to live without it.

Red Apple

Red Apple by Bang takes on the apple flavor in a pure red-colored disposable bar. The outstanding flavor was constructed to provide the crisp taste of red apples, while a soothing hit of icy menthol is added to freshen the experience. It’s one that hits the spot in every delicious bite… or draw.

Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice by Bang is a universally popular flavor that everyone seems to enjoy. Bang did a ‘bang’ up job by mixing a fabulous fresh strawberry flavor with the cooling touch of menthol ice. Two flavors that you can’t live without are paired with one another to offer that fresh fruity sensation you’ve been dreaming about.

Verry Berry

Verry Berry by Bang is the culmination of three blissfully paired flavors, all coming together to create the best berry-flavored vape bar on the market. It’s delicious and each draw delivers the taste of fresh fruity blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry. The sensation of a lifetime through each draw, and still you’ll keep coming back for more and more.

Watermelon Ice

Bang Watermelon Ice is a vape bar filled with delicious notes of juicy watermelon, a flavor that has become everyone’s favorite. Imagine loads of watermelon vapor spewing into your mouth and passing over your taste buds, while subtle notes of ice linger throughout the inhale and exhale.

Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade by Bang is a brilliantly crafted flavor smashed into a compact vape bar. It has been formulated with a magical flavor experience that will have your mouth watering for more. Each draw offers crispy watermelon flavor and a tangy lemonade follows in its presence to present a pairing that is ‘bangin’ good!

Mint / Blueberry Ice

Delivering an extraordinary blend that will surely satisfy your tastes, this mixture will surely become an all-time favorite. It brings you the most pleasing flavor experience, combining the refreshing taste of mint with an amazing mix of blueberry and ice-cold menthol. Cool, delicious, and refreshing every puff you take.

Verry Berry / Gummy Bear

This amazing mixture consists of blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry, which is then entangled into a delicious gummy bear flavor, creating a berry-filled flavor that has a candied finish. With these wonderful flavors coming together, you can expect an outstanding flavor experience.

Banana Ice / Banana Strawberry

Giving you another satisfying flavor combination, here comes a delicious vape blend that mixes two of your favorite Bang vapes together into one. Enjoy the wonderful combination of bananas and menthol blended with the famed banana and strawberry flavor. It is a satisfying vape any time.

Watermelon Lush / Bubblegum

Enjoy the perfect mix of watermelons and bubblegum. It is an amazing concoction that offers a fabulous taste. Whether you need a new vape flavor to add to your collection or you're stuck with dull tastes, this awesome blend will definitely be the solution to whatever it is.

Strawberry Ice / Watermelon Ice

If you want yet another masterful flavor to enjoy each day, this is definitely one you should consider. It is a fascinating taste that you will love. It is a mix of strawberries and menthol, which is intertwined with watermelons and menthol. It results in a cool strawberry and watermelon flavor.

Strawberry Apple Watermelon / Strawberry Kiwi

If you're looking for a super complex blend of flavors, this is definitely the duo you won't want to miss out on. It brings you a wonderful flavor experience that you will love. Ready yourself for a duo of strawberries, apples, and watermelons, blended with strawberries and kiwis.

Blue Razz / Red Raz Passion

This sound mix of flavors is definitely one that will become an all-day vape. It splashes together two incredible vapes, bringing you Blue Razz and Red Raz Passion, favorites for many. It consists of coconuts, strawberries, and blueberries all in one blend. It is a sure all-day vape you can't get enough of.

Red Apple / Green Apple

Lather your tastes with the most amazing combination of flavors. This duo is surely a vape that you won't be able to get enough of, as it brings you the most incredible experience. It offers a delicious blend of red apples and green apples, easily becoming the best you've tried yet.

Nicotine Dose Level: 5%

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