Beard Vape Co 120ml Pick 3 Bundle (360ml)

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Beard Vape Co 120ML Pick 3 BundleThe Beard Vape Co 120mL Pick 3 Bundle is an outstanding way to explore the tastes of Beard Vape and get an exclusive ..

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Beard Vape Co 120ML Pick 3 Bundle

The Beard Vape Co 120mL Pick 3 Bundle is an outstanding way to explore the tastes of Beard Vape and get an exclusive discount on some of the industry’s most iconic vape juice flavors. With its unique names of flavors, the quality of each concoction, and the delicious tastes they offer, there is nothing quite as good as Beard Vape Co vape juice. Explore a variety of tastes, from a New-York-style cheesecake flavor to a cinnamon funnel cake. You can choose delectable desserts to fruity blends that quickly become all-day-vapes. Choose any three 120mL bottles with your preference of flavor, select your desired nicotine level, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and endure a short wait for your delicious bundle of Beard Vape Co vape juice to arrive.

Based in Venice, California, Beard Vape Co transformed itself into an award-winning brand full of remarkable flavor creations. The brand was launched by brothers Brady and Casey Bates, along with one of their close friends, Colbey Pfund, back in 2014. Since its humble beginnings, Beard Vape Co has gone on to create some of the industry’s most fascinating flavors that everyone seems to enjoy. It has grown exponentially, reaching the other side of the world with as many as six different continents, and satisfying the tastes of more than 100-thousand vapers. To this day, Beard Vape Co leads the industry with its phenomenal tastes and impeccable quality.

Choose From:

  • Beard Vape Co No. 05 - Loaded with delectable taste from beginning to end, No. 05 offers just the New York-style cheesecake flavor your taste buds have been craving. It delivers the taste of strawberries as it oozes from the cheesecake, providing a messy flavor experience that you will no doubt want to revisit. If you crave the flavor of New York-style cheesecake, ready yourself for a satisfying vape.
  • Beard Vape Co No. 24 - The very flavor you’ve always avoided because you know once you start, you won’t be able to stop. This delicious vape comes with a creamy malt base that features a drizzle of tasty salted caramel. It’s incredibly sweet, delivers a smoother flavor, and you will love the creaminess every puff offers.
  • Beard Vape Co No. 32 - Finding the perfect cinnamon flavor has never been so easy. Imagine the taste of an authentic cinnamon funnel cake. It completes itself with freshly fried funnel cake and the sweet, exciting taste of cinnamon sprinkles. It’s a dessert treat we’re sure you will not be able to get enough of.
  • Beard Vape Co No. 64 - From beginning to end, your mouth will be watering for this tasty fruit concoction. It delivers the unique blend of raspberries and hibiscus, which results in a tangy and sweet fusion of flavors that are sure to become an all-day vape. If you are looking for a new favorite fruit blend, this is it.
  • Beard Vape Co No. 71 - From the moment you open the top, flavor oozes out, delivering a scent you are eager to explore. With this one, it’s all about the flavor of peach when it comes to No. 71. Every puff delivers a delicious peach flavor that is both sweet and sour, creating a delightful, mouthwatering vape experience you will never want to live without.

We’ve come to know and love Beard Vape Co, and this Beard Vape Co 120mL Pick 3 Bundle finally gives our customers a way to enjoy the remarkable tastes in a bundled deal, making it more affordable, and gives the ability to explore new flavors for a fraction of the original cost.

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