Burst Blizzard Melon-Burst by Burst Blizzard 60ml

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Melon-Burst by Burst Blizzard Eliquid 60mlBurst Blizzard Melon-Burst Vape Juice ReviewChilled fruits is always the best snack to have after a long day..

Melon-Burst by Burst Blizzard Eliquid 60ml

Burst Blizzard Melon-Burst Vape Juice Review

Chilled fruits is always the best snack to have after a long day. But what’s better than having a healthy snack? Sorry to say, but candy. Candy is the best snack to have even if it’s a guilty pleasure we all do it. This ejuice will help ease that guilt because instead of eating it, you can have all day to taste it and only experience that pleasant flare of flavor. Melon-Burst is a harmonized sequence of cantaloupe and honeydewmelon extract mixed into a candied thing of taffy with a nice minted supplement to ice things ups.

Settle your cravings with this exhilarating combination of delicious fruits merged with sweet taffy. On the inhale you’ll get the first taste of nectarous mix of melons hugged onto your tongue, and the satisfying sweet taste of irresistible taffy candy with the refreshing minty breath ofmenthol on the exhale.

Melon-Burst by Burst Blizzard is an impeccable choice to go for if you’re in search of a sugarsome and mentholatedvape juice flavor with a nice fruitful twist. Feel satisfied and refreshed by the end of every hit and give your taste buds a chance to experience true flavor.

Flavor Profile: Melon, Taffy, Menthol

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30

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