Mystery Vape Juice Bundle

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Mystery Vape Juice BundleMystery Vape Juice Bundle ReviewAlthough we’re well aware that you’ve already found a few daily vapes, ones that you can’t li..

Mystery Vape Juice Bundle

Mystery Vape Juice Bundle Review

Although we’re well aware that you’ve already found a few daily vapes, ones that you can’t live without, this listing is specifically for those people that dare to try something new. It’s the ones that are spontaneous and filled with excitement for the new and undiscovered. If that’s you and you’re ready to try new flavor-packed vape juice, then we encourage you to take advantage of our Mystery Vape Juice Bundle.

In this Mystery Vape Juice Bundle, you really never know what you’ll get. In fact, the bundle could contain any brand, any flavor, and any size. It’s a total mystery, and you’re just as likely to receive a 100ML bottle of premium vape juice as you would a 60ML bottle, so expect any combination of bottles sizes equal to the volume you select. What’s exciting about this for us is that it’s all a total mystery for our staff as well.

When you place your Mystery Vape Juice Bundle order, our amazing staff fulfills the order with random bottle sizes (100ML or 2x60ML), brands, and flavors. Don’t think for a moment that you’ll receive run-of-the-mill flavors, as each bundle contains some of the industry’s most favored flavors by the most popular brands.

Here are Possible Combinations you may Receive

  • 1 x 100ml Bottle (100ml)   - $4.99
  • 3 x 100ml Bottles (300ml) - $13.99
  • 4 x 100ml Bottles (400ml) - $17.99

Often times people can be a little shy to experiencing new flavors, and that is totally understandable. Finding a vape juice flavor that just works is awesome, and a lot of the times, we tend to hold onto those flavors since they deliver the most satisfaction for us. This bundle was designed to push your edges and go beyond your norm, exposing your taste buds to a variety of brands and flavors that you would otherwise have never given a chance. And, we’re not claiming that every flavor you receive you’ll like, and some you may receive and still not want to try. However, if you want to expand your taste vocabulary and open your senses to a new and thrilling experience, sometimes it’s good to put yourself out there and try something new.

Sometimes vaping becomes dull and tasting the same flavor over and over, day in and day out becomes tiring. When you reach that point, we’re here with the Mystery Vape Juice Bundle, ready for you whenever you’re ready. At West Coast Vape Supply, we have some of the industry’s hottest brands and flavors, and we are one of the largest suppliers of vape juice. We hope that you can appreciate our goal of broadening your taste palette, and hope that we can earn your business by offering such an amazing deal in this Mystery Vape Juice Bundle.

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