Stoops by Ruthless Rewind 60ml

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Ruthless Rewind Stoops Vape Juice 60mlRuthless Rewind Stoops Vape Juice ReviewRuthless Rewind Stoops takes the taste of fruity cereal and creates a va..

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Ruthless Rewind Stoops Vape Juice 60ml

Ruthless Rewind Stoops Vape Juice Review

Ruthless Rewind Stoops takes the taste of fruity cereal and creates a vape juice that will have you puffing along all day long. This fruity cereal flavor is something so intense you will feel as if you're eating an actual bowl of cereal.

As you inhale Ruthless Rewind Stoops, the taste of fruity cereal will dance across your taste buds. This flavor is so authentic that as soon as you smell the wonderful aroma, you will start to salivate. As you exhale, the fruity cereal washes off of your taste buds leaving behind only a slight taste that will keep you coming back for more and more. This vape juice is truly out of this world and you will not be able to find a fruity cereal vape juice that is better.

Ruthless Rewind is a classic cereal collection from Ruthless Vapors. Ruthless Vapors have so many vape juice lines and vape juices that it is truly the only vape juice brand you will ever need. The flavors that they create within their vape juices are top tier and you will never want to go back to vaping another brand once you try Ruthless.

Ruthless Rewind Stoops is a fruity cereal flavor that will hit the spot with every puff you take. Stoops vape juice encompasses the flavor in such an on-point way that you will never go back to another cereal vape juice.

Flavor Profile: Fruity Cereal

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30

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