Strawberry Pom (Brain Freeze) by Naked 100 60ml

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Strawberry Pom by Naked 100 60mlNaked 100 Strawberry Pom Vape Juice ReviewWhen it comes to creating amazing flavors of e-liquid, USA Vape Lab and Nake..

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Strawberry Pom by Naked 100 60ml

Naked 100 Strawberry Pom Vape Juice Review

When it comes to creating amazing flavors of e-liquid, USA Vape Lab and Naked 100 crush the competition every single time. We want to take a second to introduce you to the insane taste of Strawberry Pom (formerly known as Brain Freeze) from their exclusive Menthol line. 

As with many of the Naked 100 products, on paper it’s understated. Naked 100 describes Strawberry Pom as a Strawberry, Kiwi & Pomegranate Menthol blend, but when you taste it for the first time, your taste buds will scream out in joy. This isn’t a flavor medley, it’s an assault on your sense of taste that will keep you coming back for more! USA Vape Lab and Naked 100 have managed to create the perfect fusion of delicate ripe strawberries and rich, tart Kiwi on the inhale, with juicy fresh pomegranate and a powerful, cool menthol on the exhale. A flavor explosion hit after it hit. Before the first bottle is empty, you will already be ordering more. Some fruit & menthol blends are overpowering, and others become tasteless after your second tank. USA Vape Labs has made sure that Naked 100 Vape Juice Strawberry Pom will never be in that category. When it comes to finding the perfect all-day vape, you won’t find anything better than Naked 100 Strawberry Pom.

With a ratio of 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and 30% Propylene Glycol (PG), Naked 100 has created a blend that delivers thick, dense clouds without sacrificing the intense flavors that Strawberry Pom from the Naked 100 Menthol collection brings to the table.

As one of the 3 exclusive menthol flavors available, our advice would be to try them all right now. Available in nicotine strength from 12mg all the way down to 0mg, there is a Strawberry Pom option for everyone.

Why Choose Naked 100?

When it comes to believing in their product, USA Vape Lab and Naked 100’s e-liquid is ahead of the game. USA Vape Lab and The Naked 100 brand have come a long way and have an amazing story behind them.

Breaking out of Torrance, California in 2012, they are not new to the vapor industry: in fact, they could are described as a real member of the old guard. As time has moved forward, the flavor profiles they offer seem timeless because they took the time to make sure they got it right. From the owner's first, foray into making e-liquids, the company has had hit after hit and grown an intense fan following from the West Coast to the East. Not only do they care about the flavors they produce, but they are also probably one of the most active companies in the community when it comes to keeping vapor products in the hands of vapers. When it comes to advocacy, Naked 100 is one of the most recognized names in the industry. A proud member of the Vapor Technology Association and the force behind some of the most significant fund-raising projects in the last couple of years. Funding the fight against the FDA has become second nature to the company. At one point in time, a radio D.J. allegedly live-streamed naked for 4 hours to pay homage to Naked 100’s generosity. Advocacy, however, didn’t build this company’s massive reputation: the amazing flavors that it produces did.

Offering a wide variety of flavors that appeal directly to the customer's palates, it isn’t a surprise that people all over the United States see Naked 100’s e-liquid as an absolute mainstay and fan favorite. This premium vape company took the time to make the flavors that their customers wanted, not the flavors they thought were needed. They are as committed to delivering perfection today as they were on the first day. USA Vape Lab is a company that understands a simple misstep that could destroy a company overnight and that keeping its customers happy is always priority number one. With a team considered more like artisans than vape juice makers, it’s no wonder that Naked 100 e-liquids are everywhere. The flavor profiles they offer aren’t masked with sweeteners and crazy combinations that you would never consider in everyday life. When you think of the Naked 100 name, it should be because they managed to create an awesome vibe while laying it bare.

Here at West Coast Vape Supply, we are proud to be able to offer you Naked 100 e-liquids and we have an amazing selection to offer. With the Naked 100 brand, you can never go wrong. Naked 100 has some of the most exceptional flavors on the market, and we have them right here at an extremely competitive price, in fact, some of the lowest you will find on the web. Take a few minutes to figure out which Naked 100 e-liquid sounds like your perfect all-day vape. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with at least one of their offerings, and if you are looking to purchase more than a few bottles, we suggest you try our Naked Vape Juice Bundle.

On the inhale of Naked 100 Strawberry Pom fills your taste buds with the indistinguishable flavor of strawberries and kiwis, delighting your entire palate instantly. On the exhale, cool ice menthol and sweet pomegranate round out the flavor experience leaving your taste buds refreshed. Naked Strawberry Pom vape juice delivers dense vape clouds, plus a solid ice-cool throat hit.

Naked 100 Menthol collection is a series of three unique juice blends from Naked 100's menthol collection. Give the #1 menthol flavor Naked 100 Strawberry Pom vape juice a try for a soothing, refreshing blend by Naked 100.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Menthol

Bottle Size: 60ml

Made in California USA

VG/PG: 70/30


What Is Naked 100 Vape Juice?

Naked 100 vape juice is a premium vape brand with a collection of high-quality vape juice. Its entire line has gained extraordinary popularity due to the amazing mix of complex and perfectly crafted flavors that it offers. There are various lines of vape juice within the collection of Naked 100, which ranges from creams to fruits to menthols, and many more.

Who Makes Naked 100 Vape Juice?

USA Vape Lab makes Naked 100 vape juice. It is a large manufacturing company that has created and developed a number of successful brands. Since Naked 100 is its flagship brand, it has focused greatly on improving the brand in every facet, from the look of the bottles to how it presents itself online and in vape stores.

What Chemicals Are In Naked E Juice?

Like most vape juice, Naked E Juice is made with the four main ingredients, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine. Throughout the different collections it offers, the only thing that changes, as far as the ingredients, is the flavors and the type of nicotine is used. It has both regular freebase nicotine and salt nicotine vape juice.

Where Is Naked E-Liquid Made?

Naked E-Liquid is made in Southern California at the USA Vape Lab headquarters, specifically in Huntington Beach, California. It is made in a large 41,976 sqft warehouse on 2.20 acres.

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