Watermelon Mix by Fantasi 65ml

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Watermelon Mix by Fantasi 65mlFantasi Watermelon Mix Vape Juice ReviewWatermelon Mix by Fantasi 65ml is the perfect e-juice for a warms summers day, I..

Watermelon Mix by Fantasi 65ml

Fantasi Watermelon Mix Vape Juice Review

Watermelon Mix by Fantasi 65ml is the perfect e-juice for a warms summers day, It will bring you back to the pool side eating from a bowl of freshly cut watermelon. Making this e-juice even more refreshing is a subtle hit of menthol on the exhale. This icy exhale is light in flavor but enough to wash down the watermelon perfectly. Fantasi 65ml has done an outstanding job with this e-juice blend.

On the inhale of Fantasi Watermelon Mix vape juice is that juicy watermelon flavor that smothers your tongue with its intense flavor. Your taste buds are sure to be delighted with each puff. This authentic watermelon flavor is truly beyond belief and will ignite your taste buds with its fruity flavor. On the exhale is a refreshing rush of light menthol that blends with this watermelon flavor beautifully. This menthol exhale is perfect for all those menthol lovers but also provides a lighter base for those who do not usually indulge in a menthol flavor. Whichever person you may be this e-juice is sure to not disappoint.

Fantasi 65ml provides 12 flavor packed e-juices that are sure to please. These flavors combine menthol bases with fruity sodas. Their other flavors include Apple, Grape, Lemonade, Mango, and Orange. Fantasi 65ml offeres these flavors in a regular or "Ice" version, the "Ice" versions contain a heavier menthol flavor. These "Ice" flavors from Fantasi 65ml are perfect for any menthol lover seeking for their new favorite e-juice. Watermelon Mix by Fantasi 65ml is only one of their amazing flavors that you can treat yourself to and save money on by ordering with us today!

Watermelon Mix by Fantasi 65ml will provide you with that crisp watermelon flavor you've been seeking. This vape juice is sure to become one of your new favorites and wont disappoint. This combination may seem like an odd combination bu Fantasi 65ml does an amazing job with making these blends. Indulge in Watermelon Mix by Fantasi 65ml today!

Flavor Profile: Watermelon, Menthol

Bottle Size: 65ml

PG/VG: 70/30

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