Hi-Drip Disposable Vape 3000 Puffs (Choose Flavor)

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Hi-Drip Disposable Vape 3000 PuffsBuilding upon the extraordinary portfolio that is Hi-Drip E-Liquids, your favorite vape brand has finally introduced..

Hi-Drip Disposable Vape 3000 Puffs

Building upon the extraordinary portfolio that is Hi-Drip E-Liquids, your favorite vape brand has finally introduced its own line of disposables. The Hi-Drip Disposable Vape is pre-filled, pre-charged, and ready for your vaping pleasure. It is a lot like many of the disposable vapes currently on the market, yet its unique factor is the remarkably crafted vape juice blends that have made the brand an industry leader amongst a saturated market of competitors.

What are Hi-Drip Disposables? The Hi-Drip Disposable Vape is a brilliant addition to the market. It is a premium disposable vaping device that is designed for temporary or one-time use. It is a game-changing vape device that features an ergonomic design, which is incredibly compact. It has a small footprint as well, making this device extremely lightweight, comfortable to use, and a breeze to stow away when not in use. Aside from its structure, the device houses a large long-lasting battery and an 8mL vape juice capacity using 5% (50mg) salt nicotine. This will provide as many as 3000 puffs per unit, giving you plenty to enjoy. There are a slew of flavors to choose from as well, ranging from the most delicious tropical peach flavor to an exotic blend that uses a nectarine flavor. It's all of the Hi-Drip favorites you've come to know and love.

Hi-Drip Disposable Vape Flavor Review

Island Orange Iced

Presenting the most amazing flavor, this is one you will absolutely love. This satisfying mixture has become one that has gained immense popularity. It is easily one of Hi-Drip's favorites, as it boasts a mix of blood orange, pineapple, candy, and a menthol finish to keep your tastes cool.

Peachy Mango Iced

There isn't anything more satisfying than this trio of flavors that will leave you pleased to the core. It is the perfect blend that delivers just the right tropical flavor, and the lingering taste only keeps you coming back. It is a beautiful harmony of flavors that consists of mangoes, peaches, and menthol.

Guava Lava Iced

Taking your taste experience to new heights, you wouldn't believe how amazing this blend of flavors is. It offers you a delicious taste from beginning to end, boasting a symphony of flavors, which include guavas, strawberries, and a bone-chilling menthol finish that will keep you refreshed for more.

Dew Berry Iced

Creating yet another all-day vape, which is now available in a disposable device, this amazing mixture will definitely be all that you need. It is an exciting mixture that consists of honeydew, strawberry, and menthol, ensuring your taste buds are pleased, refreshed, and you have no more cravings.

Melon Patch Iced

Whether you need to bombard your taste buds with a new flavor or you simply cannot get enough of the sweets, this blend will surely act as the solution. It is a concoction that consists of watermelons, sugary candy, and ice-cool menthol that finishes this delicious mix off perfectly.

Nectarine Lychee Iced

Giving you the most satisfying blend of flavors, you won't find another vape juice that tastes so dazzling. It is an exotic mixture that consists of juicy nectarine, unique lychee, and the coolest menthol finish, which is sure to brighten your tastes and leave you refreshed with flavor.

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