Junkys Stash 100ml Pick 3 Bundle (300ml)

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Junkys Stash 100ml Pick 3 BundleJunkys Stash Vape Juice Bundle ReviewThough there are many brands that exist within the market, Junkys Stash has made ..

Junkys Stash 100ml Pick 3 Bundle

Junkys Stash Vape Juice Bundle Review

Though there are many brands that exist within the market, Junkys Stash has made quite the impression on consumers. It’s a brand that is enduring the spotlight at the moment, and it’s all due to a collection of nine uniquely crafted e-liquid flavors. It happens to be one of the most interesting brands on the market, and that’s very apparent from not only the looks of the labels on their bottles, but it’s equally as apparent when visiting the Junkys Stash webpage directly. The monster within the logo, known as Junky, covers the top portion of the page, while blueberries are floating upwards, letting you know, this is truly Junkys Stash.

In this particular ‘stash’, we are introducing one of the hottest brands on the market with a variety of deliciously blended flavors, all crafted to satisfy your taste buds. The Junkys Stash 100ML Pick 3 Bundle, you’ll have a choice of 9 unique flavors, some being the original Junkys Stash and others including a touch of menthol for a refreshing experience. Out of the nine flavors, you can choose up to three Junkys Stash flavors, or if you’re one that prefers a specific flavor within the Junkys Stash line-up, you can choose all three of the same flavor. Each bottle of Junkys Stash comes packaged in a 100ML Chubby Gorilla bottle with your choice of nicotine strengths, including 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG.


Choose any 3 Junkys Stash Vape Juice Flavors

  • A Chill Day: A southern peach tea that delivers a combination of juicy peaches with the traditional iced beverage taste of tea.
  • The Old Stuff: Indulge yourself in a blissful pairing of sun-ripened bananas and Syrian Pistachios for a delightful banana nut taste.
  • Buried Yesterday: It’s another blueberry flavor, yet it’s freshly picked and blended perfectly with a hint of muffin.
  • There’s No Jam: A beautifully mixed concoction that delivers a fresh raspberry flavor with a candied taste to create a real fruit experience.
  • Offshore Stash ICED: Another one added to the fold, this unique flavor offers delicious pineapple paired with the refreshing taste of menthol.
  • Buried Yesterday ICED: It’s all about the blueberry flavor and hint of menthol, but this one comes as a trio with the inclusion of menthol.
  • A Chill Day ICED: The remarkable taste of tea and peaches is enough, but throw in a kick of menthol and it’s an overload of flavor.
  • The Old Stuff ICED: With this one, you get bananas, Syrian Pistachios, and just to twist things in a knot, the fresh taste of menthol is added to the mix.
  • There’s No Jam ICED: Imagine a fresh raspberry flavor that features a slight candied taste and just the right amount of menthol.

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