Milky O's Ejuice by The Milkman 60ml

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Milky O's Ejuice by The Milkman 60mlMilkman Milky O's Vape Juice ReviewThe Milkman Milky O's is now available in a 60mlbottle! The Milkman Milky O's E..

Milky O's Ejuice by The Milkman 60ml

Milkman Milky O's Vape Juice Review

The Milkman Milky O's is now available in a 60mlbottle! The Milkman Milky O's E-juice is a freshly whipped cookies n cream milkshake with big scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. Strong cream vape juice flavor profile and accented with scrumptious Oreo cookie bites.

When you inhale Milky O’s vape juice, smooth rich chocolate and creamy vanilla delight your taste buds. The cookie vape juice flavor becomes apparent as the silky vanilla ice cream hits your flavor palate. When you exhale, smooth creamy milk balances out the flavor profile. Milky O's takes the traditional cookies and cream flavor and turns it into an extravagant flavor-packed vape juice. This dessert vape juice will have you addicted from the moment you open the package. 

Have you been searching for a rich creamy flavor vape juice? The Milkman by The Vaping Rabbit is the brand and the flavor you've been looking for. This MAX VG vape juice blend is heavy on the clouds with strong, consistent flavor.  A delicious harmony masterfully crafted by the creators at The Vaping Rabbit. Every single of the vape juices made at The Vaping Rabbit are made with the highest quality of ingredients and they also go through testing to make sure you're getting the best flavor. 

Milk O's 60ml by The Milkman is the cookies and cream treat of your dreams. This flavor is so intense and accurate you won't know what hit you, but you'll love it. Prepare yourself to fall madly in love with this vape juice from the first puff. 

Flavor Profile: Oreo, Cookie, Creamy, Dessert

Bottle Size: 60ml


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